Party Planning with Paperless Post (Product Review)

Wedding season is coming up fast! I'm excited to be working with some amazing couples this Spring and Summer to help them with their special events. It's always fun for me to see what people come up with for their events, and to see their style. It gets my own creative juices flowing as well to see what new and inventive ways people create to celebrate their big event, whether it is a wedding, birthday party, or just a really fancy dinner party.

One thing I've always been curious about are the invitations that people chose to get the word out about their event. The digital age has seemingly taken over, so it makes sense that how we invite people to our event should change a bit as well. From basic invitations to join in on a community even like the Wanderlust 5k that my sister invited me to join her on, to events at a local winery or brewery, to a simple dinner party, getting the word out is how we make things happen. There are a huge variety of ways to get the word out digitally as well. Most people are aware of things like Facebook Events out there for setting up events and sending out digital invitations, but they take away a little bit of the personal touch that can come from a custom designed invitation. That's where Paperless Post can come in and save the day!

Paperless Post is amazing with it's beautiful invites, designed by some of the top names in the design industry. They have curated a collection of designs from Kate Spade to Oscar de la Renta, Vera Wang to Rifle Paper Co. They're choices in design are perfectly curated to meet almost any atmosphere you can dream up. We know, first impressions matter. When you're sending out an invitation the design of your invite can speak volumes. With their beautiful design choices you are sure to have a win with your guests from the time their open their invitation in their inbox, (yes, their email inbox!), to the time they arrive at your event. And there are options for all your invite needs; Wedding, Birthday, Dinner Party, or simple gatherings!

Their system is pretty simple and easy to use. They use a coin system to purchase cards, and to add premium items like the liners for the digital envelopes and other designer touches. You can be as simple or fancy as you'd like, even down to the postmark on the envelope. I used mine to send some beautiful Thank You notes. You can also custom design your own, which gives you boundless opportunity to come up with something truly unique.

As I mentioned before, wedding season is coming up. This is where I am a little hesitant to encourage the use of this product. I know that times are changing and the way we invite people to events has evolved, but I can't get past the desire to still hold something as precious a wedding invitation in my hands. This is a life event that calls out to our hearts, and is a moment that will speak volumes for years to come. Call me old fashioned, but my heart and hands call out for something as precious as this to be given and received in person, through snail-mail, and to be filed away in a scrap book for family history and sentimental value. Paperless Post's sister site, Paper Source can help fill that gap, though!

There, too, they have incorporated the beautifully curated designs and ease of of browsing into their services for those invites that you prefer to send the old fashioned way.

I'm excited to use Paperless Post for future events. It's fun to get something more personalized in your inbox, to know that someone took more than 5 minutes to write up an email invite. You have the opportunity to make the digital invites unique, and add your own little touch with the click of the mouse. Make sure to check them out!

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