Nudgings from the Divine

Many months of pondering, and praying, and after many years of feeling nudged to do something have lead up to a moment...The moment that I finally give in and say "Yes" to the nudge that has been at me for years to do something. I've always used my talents. I've used them in the moments and in the ways that seemed to fit at the time. I've always been pretty generic about it though, but the nudge to use my talent in some faith-inspired way has continued on for years now. The struggle to actually do it...that is where I got caught up in this thing.

What is that thing? Judgement. Being judged. Being different. Doing something that is so specific that maybe no one will even want it, and then...then what? There has been fear. Fears that no one will care what I'm doing, and it'll all tank.

I had to get to this point in my faith journey where it was me saying to myself, "You have to do something one way or another. You can't live this fractured existence."

So I'm going to do something about it, friends. I'm going to embrace the nudging, which I can only guess is the Holy Spirit, to do what I feel I'm being called to. I know I'm called to create. And now I'm going to create for Him. There will be a hint of faith-inspiration, likely, in everything that you see from here on out. Because I can't get away from it. It inspires me. My hope is that, my friends who are of no faith, or a different faith will still be able to find some beauty and value in what I do. I hope you'll find use for what ever I may share to further your own journey.


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