Shining in the Dark

 It's been raining cats and dogs, going on more than a week now. As grateful for the rain that we are, everyone I've run into has expressed a desire for a little bit of a break. There has been flooding and mud slides. People are facing disaster. 

The other night I had to run out in the evening for milk. It had stopped raining and I was grateful not to be getting soaked. I rushed in the store, and out again in a hurry. And then it struck me, really struck me, that it had stopped raining. I looked up, and though there were some clouds here and there, I could see the stars shining brightly.  I stopped in the middle of the parking lot and stared at the sky. And then someone else walked close by and looked up as well. 

"Look, they're still there!" the person stated. Indeed, they weren't going anywhere. We'd been walking around with our heads down for a while now, and it was nice to look up. The next morning it was overcast again. 

Isn't it interesting that sometimes, the things that are brightest that we don't appreciate enough, only really get appreciation once it's dark?

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