Falling into this Season

And then Fall was upon us!  It happened all of a sudden really, I just got caught up in the hustle and bustle of things. The Spring, the Summer, and the kids back to school. I barely caught my breath. In fact you could say I'm a bit winded from keeping up with things. But we've arrived at Fall and I am excited because it is my favorite season of all. Sweater season is a'comin'. 
We're still experiencing a September heat-wave, but I'm holding onto the fact that it can't last forever. And the foliage outside is starting to turn so I have some natural decor to bring indoors.
We stick with a pretty minimalist amount of decor. There's a few reasons for that. The first is, too much "stuff" overwhelms me. In a fairly small space, adding much more can make me go bonkers, especially with how much clutter can collect with kids and mail and all the day-to-day stuff. And secondly, I have small curious fingers that like to eat and investigate everything (still). All the cute stuff keeps to the mantle over the fireplace. I have hopes that one day I can go crazy with decorating the whole house with each season. One day. When the kids are grown, maybe! But that doesn't keep me from going all out on the mantle. I love bringing in the pretty fall colors from outside. We live right near a river, and along the river runs a bike path that is full of beautiful trees and grasses and other plants. Weeds. Yes, weeds. I bring them in too! We also have lots of variety of birds that make their homes nearby, so tying in some of their feathers was only natural.
 The berry branches I collected before the colors had changed completely, so they were a lovely hombre of oranges, pinks, and peaches. They've dried now, to darker hues, but they are still very pretty. And now that they've lost a little bit of fullness with the drying process I'll likely collect some other leaves and foliage to add in and make it fuller. The one thing is to be careful if you have little ones in the house, that they don't find a stray berry and eat it!

For the little ones...something so that they can enjoy some of the season, and learn a little. Putting together a sensory box to go with a seasonal story is so great. For my youngest daughter, I picked a seasonal story about leaves and put together a sensory box comprised mostly of some leaves from a garland from the Dollar Store. You could also use a big tub and add things like beans, acorns, small pumpkins. We can read the story, play with the leaves, talk about colors. We learn Signs for the colors, tree, leaves, Autumn, weather, etc. Fun and simple!

Happy Fall!

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