Mother/Daughter Collab

The unexpected, and the change in perspective are what help us grow and change. The perfectionist in me tends to want to shoo away the little hands when they tug on my hem while I'm attempting anything that resembles "work". She can't be shoo-ed away, though. When her little arms rise up and search my face, and her eyes plead with me she tugs my heart and my hands naturally reach down to embrace her.

And so I'm embracing this messiness even more. It's perspective. Sometimes perfection is found in the unexpected "mess". This is perfection---> embracing my current position and working with what is in my heart. And this little one is definitely in my heart in a big big way. There's no getting around it. 

We're embracing our current position. We're collaborating. We're taking what we have and growing and making something beautiful together. 
 This is love. Laying down my expectations and embracing this point of expectation and need as service for the one reaching out to me, this little one who says with her whole self, "embrace me". It's surprisingly fulfilling.
And so we've collaborated on these pieces. 
My goal was to begin making again. 
There is much more coming. 
Watch for it. 
She's captivating. 

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