Lenten Journey with Waiting In His Word

 It seems like Christmas was just a minute ago, but it's already February and Lent is almost upon us. Next week-- what?! Lent seems to always fall during challenging times for me. There seems to be either lots of things going on with the kids, or things going on with me personally where I struggle to do anything more or special with regards to observing Lent. Advent always seems to be more of a joyful celebratory anticipation of what's to come. It's a funny (ironic) thing really, because I consider Easter one of my favorite seasons/holidays. In years past, it has slipped by without my doing much to prepare. This year I'm going to be more proactive about it, more purposeful in my preparations, starting with myself and my own journey towards Easter.

A couple of wonderful blogging mommy's have put together a Lenten Journey for mother's with a (bonus!!!!) Facebook group. And that's what I'll be doing this Lent. Because I need help, and accountability. And friendship to help my journey along.

To keep my journal in good condition, I semi-bound it. I printed out the PDF which you can purchase here.
 I printed it out in half-page format, so that I could fold the pages in half and have a journal that I could keep tucked in my bible. The first page I laminated with transparent Con-Tact paper. You could go fancy and buy some of the actual laminating sheets, but I do a lot of "laminating", and Con-Tact tends to be a little more budget friendly.
 I covered both sides and burnished it with a butter-knife. Super fancy, I know.
Using some binder clips to hold my journal pages together, I stapled the sheets down the middle and folded the book in half, burnishing again to get a good fold.
 You can also use the binder clips at the fold to get a good fold. Easy-peasy, and this will help my journal hold up to the wear and tear that I know it will see. (Ahem, little fingers.)

I honestly can't wait to get started with this bible study and journal. I could use some alone time with Jesus and the Word. Looking forward to it. What are your plans for Lent? 

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