Dressing the Special Needs Mom ~ Episode 2

Colored Jeans. Love 'em? Hate 'em? I go back and forth between loving some and hating others. 
Pretty sure you couldn't get me to wear any florecent colors, but then I swore after like 1994 that I would never wear spandex. And then yoga pants happened. And then my sister dragged me to hot yoga and I wore more spandex than I think is legal. Ok got a little side-tracked there. Back to the colored jeans deal. Some colors I'll do, and some I won't. Burgandy jean, yes. 
 They can almost pass for red pants, which I am ok with on occasion. Here's the thing-- colored jeans can go two ways. You can A) color block with them, or B) wear them with stripes or a pattern of some sort. In my humble opinion as long as it isn't grannies flowery mumu, you're good. Simple is a good start. I have a couple of striped shirts that I wear interchangably with different colored bottoms. It's interesting. Add a couple of simple accessories and you're good. Nothing too crazy. You can pull it off, trust me.

 One thing I am loving is wearing my jean jacket with colored bottoms, whether it's colored jeans or a patterned skirt. Jean, or even chambray, can be really cute!
 Or, you know, if you are feeling a little bit daring (as in you'll actually wear the colored jeans), but you want to be comfy too, match it up with a slouchy gray comfortable sweatshirt.
 Dressier? Have an appointment\therapy\dr appointment to head to? How about a peasant shirt, cinched in just above the waist with a cute belt.
 Or forget the belt and throw on your jean jacket. Still cute, a little dressier and pulled together.
 There's also just the plain white tee. It's safe. It's cute. It'll go with just about anything. So you're looking chic with your cute jeans, and laid back with your white tee. Go you! Feeling confident? You should.
 I thought I'd share a couple of my favorite accessories while we're at it. I can't do too much fancy stuff. If I wear a necklace, it usually gets ripped right off me by little fingers. Scarves are cute, and the weight of them can be heavier for winter/fall, or light and airy for spring/summer. A dark one and a light one are good choices. And little ones are hard pressed to spend much time playing with them once they wear off the initial rip-it-off-mom's-neck phase. You can add in colored or patterned ones as well for interest. I stick with flats. A neutral colored dressier pair, and a pair of leather go-to shoes that can be worn with just about anything. I trip and fall in heels. Especially if I'm carrying a toddler/groceries/messenger bag with kids binders of medical documents.
 A stretchy, cute belt with an interesting buckle. I do wear bracelets. For one, they make great baby teethers, and two, they're great alternatives to necklaces. One of two bangles can be super cute.

I also accessorize with cute babies. They're the best accessories. They're cute and make people smile. Oh and they make life interesting(er). While wearing colored jeans.

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