Here's to you, 2015.

 This last year began in a blur. It was a blur of packing boxes, down-sizing, transitions, endings and new beginnings. It continued with finding my way through uncharted territory, territory I'd never experienced before, and hope to never have to repeat. My hopes is that I've learned my lessons from those experiences and that God will see fit not to have me repeat some of those things. I can be a tough case, though, so if I end up having to repeat things hopefully it will go 'round quicker the second time!

Without going into great detail, which I think is really unnecessary, this past year brought some things to a close like my time as a military spouse. And began some things like an influx of services for my Special Needs kids, public schooling for some, and new diagnoses.Some things you cannot foresee, and some things are better left that way. We may start on a certain path, and then God will bring you to a fork in the road. Stepping forward into the unknown can be the experience of a life time, if that's what you choose to make it. What could be a tragedy could also be a life altering experience for the better. It's all about perspective. For me, this past year began with change, and fear, and anxiety. But it ended with more peace than I could have thought possible, and I was surrounded by more love and friendship than I could have imagined possible. There will always be uncertainties, but again...will I choose fear, or will I choose to make it another learning experience? I choose to experience and learn. In that I know I will find peace.

Some things I learned:

  • I can do just about anything I set my mind to, and you can too
  • Help can come in unexpected ways and from unexpected places
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help
  • Everyone has a story, and human connection can happen when you step out and share especially when it's scary and you are not sure how someone will see you. Maybe someone needs to hear your story.
  • Brave makes a great personal theme song
  • It's ok to be gentle with yourself, especially after trauma
  • What you think might be your path, is only the "side-show" or the "commercial break". Your real path may be beyond your wildest dreams if you are open to it. It may also be something that challenges your natural self, and may be the opposite of what you think you may have been called to. You end up being the best at what you thought you would be the worst at. Surprise.
  • Don't put limits on what God can work out for you, and then prepare to be amazed
I don't know about you, but I've decided that my New Years Resolution is not anything terribly serious. Yes, to be more organized, but that's not even something that I have to pick to start at the beginning of the year. It's just something that has to happen, no matter what time of the year. What I want is to be more thankful for my blessings, more understanding in my trials, more peaceful in my day to day despite what the calendar or life throws at me. Those things are all about internal choices. Of course, I'd love to lose 10 lbs or eat healthier or take a vacation. But let's be realistic. Those things instill guilt when you see the scale number go up, or snack on that midnight chocolate. I want peace. My internal resolution is peace despite my circumstances.  And joy. Let's not forget joy. 
Here is to a peaceful and joyful New Year.

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