Let's Summarize.

My life is a crazy array of trying to keep track of things. It seems everyone is on a different track and I am their secretary/taxi/event coordinator. I couldn't survive without a calendar. Or three.  Recently, we also added some notebooks to the whole scheme of things. Each notebook contains notes and is a journal of what is going on with each child, or questions that I need to bring up to a therapist/school administrator/etc. Don't ask me to remember anything-- my brain is overloaded! We'd be in big trouble if I was supposed to remember everything that is going on with everyone on any given day. And dates and times? Forget-about-it! I can't remember if I showered yesterday. (I think I did...but it may have been a skip-the-shower-today-for-freshly-made-coffee-instead.)

Most of our appointments nowadays, at least at the doctors offices, are great about printing out a summary of what went on at the appointment. But other appointments, for say establishing care or for having evaluations, won't be as comprehensive when it comes to getting something on paper so that I can refer back to it later on. I figured out that I needed something to keep track of those things.

For example, we had an intake evaluation the other day and I wanted to make sure that I got all the specifics correct and brought up issues that had been on my mind so that they could take those items into consideration when evaluating this child's areas of need. Dates, times, questions of my own, the care provider...I wanted to be able to easily glance at a page and know what was going on. Sometimes my notebooks can get messy. I jot my thoughts down in a rush most of the time leaving out, perhaps, some essential information. 
 To help myself keep better records I drew up a form to keep track of these important notes. You can download this form for free by clicking this link. I hope it is helpful to others like it is for me!

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