When Fun Stuff Happens

Are you one of those people who loves to go Flea Market shopping or Thrift shopping?
I love it. It's fun to find new and different things. My mind seems to always be in this mode of curious creative mode, where I look at something and think, "What can I make with that? It's so neat!" I just had a flash to the Little Mermaid, with her collection of Thinga-ma-bobs.

I had found this amazing length of wool fabric. There were several ideas that came to mind, but nothing that I could really place in my "I NEED to make that!" category. My friend, though, had an idea for a checkerboard mat for beach play which I think is going to turn out awesome and will be tons of fun for her and her boys!

Have you ever tried to paint on wool??? Oh my, I had no idea what it would be like. The wool absorbs the paint almost completely so several coats are needed. Wool is amazingly absorbent!

The extra fabric end I used to make this gorgeous pillow with crocheted edging. How beautiful are all the bright colors!
Can't you see this popping on a white couch or bedding?
  Perfect! I'm surprised by my fondness for brights, but I'm loving how lively they are.

Check out the Shop to purchase this beauty!

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