Decor on a Dime~~ Birch Bark Name Tags

Silly things can sometimes make me giddy-happy. Like pulling into the parking lot at TJ Max and spying the Birch trees peeling bark. In an otherwise cement laden parking lot, it was magical to behold. I did my errand inside the store, ( I often investigate home decor stores to get ideas of things I can make, take pictures and make my own versions at home), and went to investigate the trees closer. I gently peeled some layers and discovered that if I was careful I could come away with a nice intact piece. 
 I had no idea what I was going to do with the bark-paper that I collected, but it was too beautiful to pass up. Maybe I could wrap a few candles? Or cover some small Christmas gift boxes? 

 When I arrived home, I laid out a couple of pieces between some thin fabric and with the steam set to the "on" position, I carefully ironed my bark-paper to see if it would flatten. After letting it cool completely, I was able to lay it out like a piece of paper. It's so delicate and beautiful.
I thought how lovely it would be to use the small pieces as name tags. They could even be used for gift giving. One of the things I love about using things from nature is that there are so many things that you can use and they are free.  I like free. I like nature. And I love that combination.

Ever so gently you need to write so as not to tear the paper with your nib. 

 Simple pretty lettering. Beautiful leaves with the last colors of the almost barren Fall colored trees, one last sprig of a rose all tied up with a string. You're set.

Lay it out gently on your place setting and wait for your lovely guests to arrive.  

Take a lovely picture, and tag your friend. "Dear Lovely Friend, I made you something to brighten your day. XoXo" 

 What do I love most about this pretty setup? It's imperfections. It's perfectly imperfect. 

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