Hey there, Today.

The last few weeks have been really full of taking care of kid needs, so the crafty goodness and fun ideas that have been floating around in my head have been added to my "to-get-to" list, and eventually will take fruition. On days like this one, what I can manage is to get us all where we need to go when we need to be there and try to take in the beauty of the moments when they present themselves. Is it that way for you, too, my dear friends?
We rushed through the farmers market the other day because one of my kids anxiety was rearing it's head, but I needed those few minutes of fresh air, to see something different than our four walls and to see that Autumn is peaking through the morning fog and shinning on the beautiful things that come with the season. Sometimes that is good enough!
Autumn and all it brings are bright and vibrant with colors that are deep and magical, rich in flavor and make you think outside the box a bit, which I love.

Something I read just recently spoke to my heart, about finding contentment where we're at in our daily mundane. The thing is that that is the real, the true, the essence of life. Living in the moments of mundane well. So, for today, we're taking on what we can and letting go of the "extraordinary", to live in the now and do it well. It's all you can do, and it's good.
Hey there, Today. I'm going to live you well. 

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