Decorating on a Dime~ Fall Foliage Table

We're heading into that time of year when tables are being prepared for guests and we're laying out our best for our guests. But what if you are just the everyday Joe or Jane, and you can't afford fancy tablescapes and new dishes for every dinner party and holiday? 

With a little bit of creativity you can bring together something lovely for nothing more than the cost of your time and a little energy. 

 We started with what we had:
  • Plastic "Paper" Plates that we had from Target, but you could also just use regular paper plates
  •  Mason jars and baby food jars
  • Seasonal fruits from the fridge
  • Seasonal Fall Foliage, collected from the yard and a bike trail
 We collected some of the last blossoms from our rose bushes and some other seasonal plants, leaves and branches. The trick is to pick a color palate and try to work that into what you know you will be able to collect. Leaves are turning and some berries are coming into season. By collecting them and pairing them with the roses that were similar colors we were able to keep a color scheme going throughout our table decor.

 We made a large bouquet for the middle of the table and set each seat with their own little bouquet nestled inside a babyfood jar. You don't have to be super fancy to make it super elegant. If you make your jars full enough and use different heights the jars are barely noticeable.

The sweet and fun thing about this idea is that your friends and family will be in awe of your ingenuity, and you won't mind sending your guests home with a sweet bouquet of their very own when the night comes to a close.  

 For each place, as I mentioned before, we use a large pumpkin leaf. If you use this idea, you'll want to wait until the very last minute to set your plates on your leaves. Either wait until the last minute to cut them from your plants, (or tree, as large Fig leaves would also serve for this purpose), or keep your leaves soaking in a sink of water to keep them fresh. Pat them dry and spread them as flat as you can to put your place setting on each leaf.

A variety of different flowers, different colors and textures of leaves, and different height and sizes can give each little bouquet it's own personality and add interest to your table.

You could also add a handwritten name card for each person if you are interested in seating people in specific places, then they have the joy of finding what special and unique little posies are at their very own place setting.

Above all, enjoy the process. Start with tall pieces in the middle and make it pretty from each side so that your guests can enjoy your bouquets from where ever they are seated. 
Here's to celebrating the Holiday Seasons!

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