Wool Pumpkin Follow-Up

 Given the fact that I'm not a super duper editing-superstar, there were some things that (looking back) I wish I would have done a little more clear in my video. But that's all part of the process(learning)! And let's be real--I don't have a team of superstars behind me...although I do have this cute little face right next to me while I work...

She's a bit distracting! And quite the helper. Hence why she ended up in the carrier on my front! She was happy to be cuddled and be a part of the process. My sister was pointing out to me when I was complaining to her about my lack of ability to just push through a project that some of the people I admire who blog and write books and decorate houses, etc., have a team of people picking up where they leave off and running errands and doing the actual work part of the projects. They're actually just the ones with the ideas. Well. That makes sense. So from me, you get real life. Which happens to be messy and backwards. 
So here's what you missed from the video. The actual things I used. 
  • An old wool sweater, any color you want! 
  • Yarn or string in a coordinating color
  • A hole punch
  • A piece of thing leather for your leaves and curled vine
  • Scissors
  • Some wool or other stuffing (even dryer lint would work)
 My leather came from a coat I picked up second-hand for really inexpensive, for the exact purpose of cutting it up for the leather. On the inside of the coat it was lined with fake fur, which will also come in handy for another project.

 Of all the projects I've made this one is probably the most simple. It uses the least amount of supplies, and was super affordable and cute! The variations on color and size are pretty simple and easy to conquer as well, which gives you the opportunity to have a cute little inexpensive and coordinated family of pumpkins for the seasonal decorating. They can last from early Fall all the way until Thanksgiving!

Different textured or patterned sweaters as the base could be cute as well. I'd love to see yours if you make some. Leave a comment and link to your own!

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