Woodland Creature Tic Tac Toe

In the middle of working on a project my computer updated and I thought all was lost. I couldn't find my work. This time instead of getting mad and searching high and low until I was purple in the face, I decided to just let it go. I'd made what I set out to and if all my hours of work were deleted...well then maybe I was just meant to keep this project as a "just for the family" project and move on to something else. And so move on to something else is exactly what I did. 
I spent a couple of random minutes (ok maybe an hour) looking at projects that I'd pinned on Pinterest. I found a cute little Tic Tac Toe board and decided that it looked easy enough to satisfy my urge to make something. Check it out. 

For the game pieces I simply cut out some felt pieces and glued them with some Tacky Glue. What you don't see on the other side is that I put a layer of Chalkboard paint so that it's multi-purpose. This would be fun in a little sack for car rides with a couple of sticks of chalk for your little ones to play!  

Hope you enjoyed the video. I'd love to see your version if you decide to make one. 

Oh, and I did end up finding the project I was working with on my laptop. Those darn updates sometimes mess with my groove! :)

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