When it's Spring and Summer it's always fun to see the beautiful produce at the farmers market and in the grocery store. What amazing colors and flavors! Beets are some of my favorite root vegetables because of their bright colors and versatility. They can be eaten hot or cold, be a side dish or a main course, and add beautiful color to just about everything they are in. This day they added some hearty goodness to some quinoa.

Cleaned and cut in half, they can be roasted in the oven at 400 degrees for about 45 minutes with a little olive oil, until they are tender.
You'd not know from looking at the back side of them that they hold a richness and beauty under that tough skin. 

 When cooked, the skins can easily be peeled off to reveal the deep pinks and purples within.

 Slice them for salad, cube them for quinoa, shave them for a little color to add to a dish as garnish. You can pickle them. You can eat them hot. You can eat them cold.

This makes an excellent lunch!
For the complete recipe, come see where I am posting over at CatholicSistas


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