Little Wise Ones

 This morning my 9 year old daughter and I were discussing something that I was struggling with. She paused over her cereal and told me, "Well, Mom, who cares about all the little details, anyway, when you have this big beautiful picture to look at?" Well then. There's something to it.
 Most often I'm looking at the big picture. It can be overwhelming. Everyone will naturally tell you to focus on one thing at a time, to tackle one small step at a time. But there's wisdom in what she said too. In the end, the whole big picture might not be "perfect", per say, but if the end result is this beautiful magical thing then what's there to complain about right? The little things do matter. I just spoke about that they other day. But the big picture is important, too.
 I keep being surprised by the little bits of wisdom that come out of my children's mouths. They surprise me with their insights. Sometimes I think I underestimate how much they see and hear until they sit down with me and start talking and asking questions. Note to self to take time and just sit with them each separately, and listen to what they have to say. What insights can they give me today? What little bits of wisdom?
 Always rushing. Always something that my hands need to tend to. My mind is always making lists, checking things off, pushing hard to go Go GO. What do they see that I'm missing? I'm curious to know.
 I've made a point of taking them with me, individually, so that I can hear what they have to say and share about myself with them as well. The two middle kids love those mommy and me dates. My big guy, he's coming around. Those teenage years are fast approaching for him and he's fighting being "a kid", but I can see the internal struggle in his eyes and that he wants to be heard. Doing my best.

All the little things, all the listening makes the bigger picture come together. The little things, when I just look at each one individually, look like one of a one thousand piece puzzle. It's not coherent. But all together, they do make something beautiful, just like my big girl pointed out.

Each piece of our puzzle brings something more to the big picture. Doing the small things as best I can so that we can focus on seeing the big beautiful master piece. 

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