Two Minute Photo Backdrop

 Can I tell you something? It's mostly about my being lazy. Or, maybe it's not so much lazy, as just really busy and short on free time these days. I've been wanting to get some pictures of my kids, but time restraints keep me from setting up some fancy little studio setting. And with the four of them running in all different directions, I'm lucky to get one or two pictures from the bazillion that I snap in a 2 minutes shoot time. This is super quick and super easy. And super cost effective as well. I've put together a few backdrops over the last few years using posterboard and various other materials. I keep them around for parties and holidays, and just to have fun if the kids are in the mood.

This one takes exactly two minutes, give or take! All you need is a poster board or two and a Sharpie.
Google a couple of simple line designs. Ones like this one that I made are trending right now, so you can find them on lots of blogs, framing pictures and even on ads. Find one that can act as a frame or boarder. Simple is good. You don't want to distract from your model. 
 Lines, swirls, or simple fruits are fun and easy. Don't worry about perfection. Handmade has it's charms.

For an oval shaped frame, I used a large serving platter as a template. I traced around the platter and use the lines as my guide for drawing the vine frame. 

Place your back ground in some natural lighting and start snapping away. 
The picture above was taken near a window,  my daughter sitting in a chair, and the poster board propped behind her. 

With my youngest daughter, I simply used a black poster board as a back ground and tweaked the exposure a little to make the colors pop.We set it up on the porch where the wooden floor boards looked decent, and the lighting was perfect.
In the past, I have used sheets, various different pieces of fabric, packing supplies. 
What types of materials have you used for a backdrop?

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