Life Lessons for June.

Life is full of the unexpected. One day, you are going along and everything is quiet. Then the next there are these bumps that, when focused on, seem to be mountains rather than the small bumps that they actually are.  What does this have to do with my sweet little girl? A lot actually. She is a great teacher.

My little Lisette is a ruthless go-getter. Nothing slows her down. She may take a little more time to reach goals, but she doesn't give up along the way. When I look at myself and the goals that I set, do I approach them in the same way? No. If something upsets my norm, or gets in my path, I panic.  I ring my hands, and panic, and cry, feel out of control, wonder what I do and why this is happening. Lisette doesn't get intimidated, she just keeps moving forward, over and around things until she ends up where she needs or wants to be. What a great lesson. That might seem obvious, I know, but lately things have been piling up one on top of another until I feel like I can't see through the "to-do list" and the "needs list" to be able to think clearly about how to accomplish those goals.

Life has been changed for us drastically over the last 6 months, and though I am not ready to talk about all those things here, I can still share this life lesson. It's a beautiful and simple one. Focusing on what is right in front of you, in this moment, is all you can try to conquer. Just like my little one is trying to conquer walking, she must take one step at a time. In these new and different situations, all I can do is try to conquer what is right in front of me, today. That is all I have: today is all any of us have. I can take a step forward. If I fall, or trip, or get a little bruised up in the process it's ok. Don't let those bruises intimidate you. You're going to be ok. You are ok. Keep moving forward even when your voice shakes. You are brave. I am brave. Brave is moving forward even when you are uncertain.

Be brave with me.

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