Fancy Shmancy Goat Cheese Mac 'N Cheese

Over the last 16 months since my daughter was born, I've been living on a clean diet. I suppose my action of eating this way speaks loudly about how I feel about continuing to breastfeed my daughter as long as she needs. I feel strongly about it, but I don't talk a lot about it. We just do what comes naturally, and we make the necessary adjustments to diet so that it cuts down on her reflux. That's all well and good, and yay for us for being successful. But....every once in a while, a girl just wants a big bowl of Mac 'N Cheese. I mean, c'mon. No gluten? No dairy? You might as well just tell me I have to eat cardboard and rice cakes for the rest of my days. (Not really, but you see what I'm saying, right?!) 

Ohmygosh, I am a cheese fiend. I love cheese. And bread. I love bread. And pasta. I love bread so much that I like to smother it in huge globs of butter and cheese and melt it all in the oven and each it until I feel like I don't need to eat for a week. Just for good measure, throw some pasta on the side. I miss you cheese and bread. Well, not so much now. I discovered that my little lady will tolerate Goat and Sheep milk cheeses. OMGeeeeeeeee, I'm alive after all! Pass the cheese please! I've been experimenting with cheeses, and using Gluten Free flours for quite a while now. There is a lot to be said for a big bowl of cheesey pasta. I took it upon myself to indulge since the opportunity to do so presented itself. 

I've made this recipe a few times now, and I've done it a few different ways. The first few times, I used unsweetened coconut milk for the cheese sauce. It was this glorious creamy white bowl of delicious sauce. It sat on the spoon much the way a lovely Bechamel does. A nice creamy coating on the back of the spoon, with a lovely tart bite from the Goat Cheddar. The second time, this time, I made it with chicken stock. Though not as creamy, it was still a lovely sauce. And in the end it was probably better for me, with less calories. I sprinkled in a very tiny bit of minced Rosemary as well. It was really a lovely flavor paired with the Goat Cheese. I'm tempted to toast some gluten free bread crumbs and sprinkle them over the top. That would just be the topping on the cake...er, Mac 'N Cheese. 
Recipe follows picture. 

Mac N Cheese with Goat Cheese

1 12 oz box of Gluten Free Macaroni, cooked according to instructions.

2 cups of Chicken Stock, or Unsweetened Unflavored Coconut Milk
2 Tbl Earth Balance Margarine
1 Cup of shredded Goat Cheddar
2 Tbl Gluten Free Flour
Salt to taste
1/4 tsp minced Rosemary, optional

In a medium sauce pan, melt the margarine over medium heat until it bubbles. Add the flour and whisk it together with the margarine. It will clump slightly. Let it cook for a minute or two. Slowly, whisk in the chicken stock or coconut milk until there are no clumps and it is smooth. Keep stirring, over medium high heat until the mixture thickens. About 8 minutes. Once thickened, turn the heat to low and stir in the cheese until it is smooth. Add in the Rosemary, and stir. Season with salt. 

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