The View.

Sometimes the view is all about perspective. It's not what's going on outside, but what's going on inside that matters. Life transforms before our eyes everyday and we take it for granted, when things look mellow or boring from where we're sitting. The internal struggles can be so real and yet no one else sees them. It's all the surface muck that changes the view of what's really taking place within for other people. We all know how that goes. We all struggle with stuff throughout life. Often times it's better for us to quietly go about our business of just getting things done.

It struck me yesterday to remember something that I'd seen often floating around on Facebook. It's the quote, "Everyone is fighting a battle. Be kinder than you think is necessary." Or something to that effect. It's so true. We're all going through something. This Lent, I was joking with a few people, God arranged my "fasting and abstinence" better than anything I ever could have come up with. He has a way of knowing what will help us grow if we're open to taking those things on. 
It also gave me some perspective to take into account that maybe a grumpy face, or a pained expression pointed in your direction might not be about you necessarily, but about something that is going on with the other person. Don't take it personally. Instead pray for that person, and be kinder than you think is necessary. Maybe that person is experiencing something that you can't imagine. The perspective is different from the outside. The internal struggle is real. It's all about the view.

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