Quiet Days & Handwork.

 I've been a little obsessed with sheep and wool and handwork and quiet and calm lately. Probably because life seems a little crazy and "unplanned" lately, and those things I mentioned make me feel peaceful. Peaceful is good. It really has been incredible to me that despite all that goes on around me, and with me sometimes, that God seems to make these perfect opportunites available to me and the kids that allow us to take a "breather" and just rest. As my youngest boy likes to say, "He's a good Dad-God!" He knows just what we need.

We've taken a few short day trips to visit some family that
have some sheep. I'm completely obsessed with them. My aunt and uncle sheered their sheep a few months ago and had been holding onto the wool. They generously gifted it all to me. I have this glorious pile of wool, full of twigs and hay, and lathered in lanolin that is just begging to be cleaned and turned into something magical and beautiful. I'll get around to cleaning it eventually. I wanted the kids to see where it came from, so the day trip was important. The sheep had birthed some lambs just recently and I wanted to make sure that they could experience them while they were still fresh and young! There is nothing in the world like experiencing new life.
 Anyway, all this lamb and wool talk got me enthused to make a quick something. I took 15 minutes and crocheted a cover for this wooden bead that I soaked in Thieves Essential Oil, and strung it on a hemp cord.

Quick crafts are my favorite. Who doesn't love some (almost) instant gratification from a project completed! What's funny is, it's nothing fancy. But I wore it today when I went to the dentist and both she and her assistant commented on it. Where did I get it? Could they get one, too? Funny how that happens.   
Now, to bed to dream of other things to do with all the wool that awaits me.
What would you do with a bundle of raw wool? I'm open to ideas!

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