A Taste from my Childhood.

Growing up there were a few things that my mom was well known for. There was her artistic talent (breath taking), her taste in furniture (fantastic), and her food (amazing). My sister's favorite cake has always been this sponge cake from The Joy of Cooking, with Seven Minute Frosting, and sprinkles galore. We were visiting my sister over the weekend and decided she was deserving! She's been nothing short of phenomenal over the last year at helping out when we needed it most. The least we could do was make her a cake.

We grow older, and our lives change and grow, but some things stay the same. Like cake with sprinkles. That will always be good. 

Have you tried Seven Minute Frosting? It's like this delicious fluff when it's freshly made. And then, as it sits, it turns to this crispy meringue. Yum. Give it a try!

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