Fast [Crafty] Fun!

The fact that my little family is in transition makes being crafty and creative a little bit difficult. But in moments when I have a free second it is nice to have something fun to work on. Enter Brit Kits! The kits come with everything you need to complete a cute little project. The fact that everything is included is fantastic because I'm not in a position to go shopping for arts and crafts supplies, nor do I have a place to conveniently store them at this time. Eventually I hope get back to a place where I can have a whole room dedicated to all that loveliness, but for now the kits are a fantastic alternative.

The kit also comes with clear instructions, but leaves room for creativity so that you can put your own personal touches on the craft project. For this kit you could easily look up some cute and simple cross-stitch or embroidery patterns and take it from there! 
This watch kit is great because I don't need to be in a rush with time sensitive materials. So I can take my time and not rush to finish. I am eager to get it completed. I've been working it on it here and there for just a minute or two at a time. It's incredible how busy 4 little munchkins can keep you. And exhausted-- I'm that too.

One thing that I was thinking about as I started this little project was that these kits would make awesome birthday presents! Have a little one (or a big one) that has a birthday coming up and don't know what to get them? Look into getting them a Brit Kit!

P.S. This post was not a paid endorsement. I did it simply because it was fun!

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