Where In the World is My Little Family?

If you have been wondering about the radio silence on my end, it's because there has been much adventurous traversing of the United States on our part! 

Shortly after Christmas, with the help of my mom and lots of friends and family, we packed up a moving truck and hopped in the van to set out on the road for adventure. From East Coast all the way to West, it was a great trip. We saw mountains, prairies, beautiful sunsets, heat of the desert and snow in the mountains. It was the experience of a lifetime for my kids who had spent the majority of their childhood up until now in a small town community where the pace is slow and "Yes Ma'am, No Sir" are still used regularly. We experienced new communities, saw where battles were fought that we'd read about in history books and the precious and beautiful land that belongs to Native Americans. Their land is beautiful, and their culture is breath taking.
The kindness and hospitality that we received along the way was a beautiful experience.
When we arrived in California it was then, and only then, that we experienced any sort of hiccup in our adventure. My van requested a break quite suddenly (ie, we were stranded, in the dark...four kids and a dog. Yeah fun.), which then gave us the opportunity to visit my sister in San Francisco. (She and my amazing brother came to our rescue!) We spent a fabulous weekend visiting with some of my siblings and catching up. My kids got to go to the Zoo and collect Sand Dollars on the beach. 

 It was just the break that we needed to rest and refresh ourselves before heading out again.
We've now reached our final destination, and we're getting settled in in Northern California. There are lots of adventures to come for which I will attempt to share along the way. New and different things are on the horizon, and I'm ready for them!

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