Best. Coffee. Ever.

When we recently stayed with my sister in San Francisco she spoiled me rotten with wonderful coffee. It was wonderful, and terrible all at once. Obviously, who is going to say no to a good cup of coffee. On the other end of the spectrum, now and forever, I will be comparing every cup of Jo to the yumminess that she introduced me to. 
I enjoy a gluten-free and dairy-free lifestyle. This limits my coffee intake to dairy-free options, but I also avoid Soy products (mostly because they don't agree with me). So Starbucks, for the most part, is not an option. Although, I do love their Passion Berry Tea. The smaller, local coffee shops are more likely to have Almond or Coconut milk. Up until visiting my sister, I'd only had ho-hum dairy free coffee, though. At home, I enjoy a plain-Jane cup O' Jo with a splash of Non-Dairy Creamer or some Coconut Milk. 

Andytown made me the most amazing Almond Milk Latte I have ever had, though. It was creamy and frothy, with just a hint of Almond flavor and the punch of espresso that I needed to wake up. If I could, I'd march myself right back there and have me another!
If you are ever in the neighborhood, be sure to stop by and have something.

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