Seven Quick Takes (Episode 1)

To us folks who stay at home, Friday doesn't have the same connotation perhaps as it does to those of you who work outside the home...but I am still feeling the love for "TGIF"! I am a bit behind of some things that  had planned for this week, so I'm going to sit here and eat my Overnight Oatmeal determined to complete my tasks. Mean while, I thought it would be fun to join in Seven Quick Takes link up.

To Join in Seven Quick Takes, head over to visit Jennifer at Conversion Diary. She's such a smart woman, and she cracks me up. That's always a good thing.

Today the kids and I had a swim playdate scheduled, but from the 
sound of the Thunder and the flashing lightening illuminating my room at 
3am, and now again as I write this...I don't think swimming will be 
happening today. 

More than likely, I will be blamed for #1 by at least one of my children. 
Because, ya know, I control the weather. ;) 

I hope I didn't leave the windows down in the van. 

The other day I was talking with my mother about I-can't-remember-what 
and she called me a Foodie. It shocked me. I never would  have 
classified myself in that way. To me, food is sort of an outlet that I 
use my creativity with. Even more than eating it, I just like to make it
 and see other people enjoying it. But, yeah, I guess I am a Foodie. It 
would make me super happy to be able to make and photograph food 
everyday. To some degree, I guess I do, but I wish I would/could get paid
 to do it. Any takers? Here is my resume--> One highly qualified 
full-time mom to 4 (3 special needs kids), "working" from home doing 
various entrepreneurial endeavors on the side for the last 9 years. 
Artist. Great multi-tasker. Formerly a chef, professionally. (Yes, I had
 an outside-of-the-home-job!) Work involved must be transient, as we are
 nomads and go where the military takes us. Very good managerial skills.
 (When you have kids it's a must.) Pretty good computer skills. Loyalty,
 top-notch. Then end. Inquire within. 

If you take #4 seriously, bless you!

Now it's raining. I really hope I closed the windows in the van. 

Over the last few weeks my house has exploded with toys and all sorts
 of contraptions meant for baby Lisette to use and I find myself moving 
through the house like it's an obstacle course. It's driving me a little
 bonkers. It's not that I'm anti-toys, but I cleaned out the house 
during the Winter of 98% of my kids toys so that you could actually walk
 without worrying. We're arriving back there. All I'm going to say is, 
if you give us Lego's they will go straight to Goodwill. You know who you are. 

For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!


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