Breakfast Reminiscing & Homemade Hashbrowns

If you spoke with any of my siblings you would probably hear about one of their fondest memories being that our mother always made us breakfast, lunch and dinner. She is an excellent cook. There may not have been a snack in between meals, but we always always had three meals a day. Breakfast and Dinner were always together at the table. As we got older there was always conversation. Good memories. I miss my siblings back home.
Now that I have my own little family I try to have us eat meals together. Our meal times are different in that my husband had a big hand in promoting parking everyone in front of the tv with a movie on. I'm not a huge fan of that idea, but at least we're all together! He also brought cold cereal into our home. How novel is that?! Growing up, we never had cold cereal in our house. Mom always made us breakfast; pancakes, waffles, oatmeal, cream of wheat, scrambled eggs, etc. In fact I never had cold cereal until I was an adult. Amazing! Maybe it's due to having grown up the way I did, but I prefer to sit down with a hearty meal in the morning. And though my kids eat cold cereal in the morning, and often times we eat watching a movie together, now as they are getting older they are starting to ask me to make them breakfast in the morning. I admit that sometimes I say, "Go get a bowl of cereal", because it's easy. But I sure am loving that they are appreciating that I get to make them breakfast, too. (Instructions for the Hashbrowns can be found at the end of this post.)

Sometimes I get requests, but sometimes I'll just bake a crumb cake or some muffins. Lately, we've grown fond of homemade Hashbrowns. They're not really as complicated at you'd imagine. And who doesn't love potatoes at every meal? It's the Irish in us. It can't be helped. We love our meat and potatoes. Just ask my siblings. And my own kids.

My oldest has actually almost entirely taken over making these Hashbrowns, which for me is awesome. Mostly because I think it's great that someone can finally cook for me. I have my 11 year old trained well. He can make me a burger, an omelet, grilled cheese, and now Hashbrowns. Oh, and Bacon. Everyone must learn to make bacon-- it's required. We're getting off the subject though. Back to the beautiful potatoes. We speed up the process by microwaving the potatoes before shredding them so that they are precooked. This way, all you need to do is add in your extra's if you like and brown them in the pan with some oil or butter!

My boys like peppers and onions, and my daughter likes them plain with some eggs on the side. You can add just about anything you'd like. Often times I will add in sausage for a heartier meal. Just prep the add-ins before mixing them with your Hash browns so that they are ready to go straight into the pan all together.

 The last part of it all is just browning the Hashbrowns in a skillet. Some days I am able to flip it like a fancy chef, and some days I need a little spatula help. Some days, they just get stirred around. It all depends on how you like it. In our home, wouldn't you guess, the kids love breakfast and a show. Hats off to all the skilled chefs out there willing to do a fancy show for their family!

 The time in the kitchen is definitely time well spent. Isn't that why so many people put so much thought into their kitchen design? For what seems like forever, people have gathered around in the kitchen and at the table to talk and spend time together. Even at the stove and counters working together in (mostly) harmony to create something together. It's a beautiful thing.

Homemade Hashbrowns

1 Potato per person

Add-ins are optional.

Scrub your potatoes and dry them. Stab each with a fork. Bake them in your microwave according to your machines settings, or in the oven for about 20 minutes. Let them cool enough that they can be handled. Using a cheese grater, grate your potatoes. I do the potato peel and all, however you can peel the skins as well. Prep your additional ingredients, sauteing vegetables if necessary and mix them together with your grated potatoes. Salt and Pepper to taste. On medium heat add about a teaspoon of butter to your pan. When it bubbles, add your potatos to the pan. Let them sit undisturbed, to brown on one side. When they are browned,  flip them to brown on to the other side. I like to flip them entirely onto a plate, add more butter to the pan, and then slide them back in. When both sides are browned remove the pan from the heat and serve them up hot!

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