Easy Peasy Geoboard

 My addiction to Pinterest is getting a little out of control. After the kids go to bed it's like a secret stash of chocolate. Except minus the calories. And it doesn't draw attention with noisy packaging. I'm usually on there trying to get ideas for projects to do with and for the kids. Yesterday, my four year old was sitting with me chatting away and every once in a while he'd ask me to look something up for him online like green Tarantulas. (Ick! Don't Google spiders-->Creepy, crawly, yucky-shiver inducing!) So after the spider investigation, he moved on to discovering new and painful ways to shoot with rubber bands. I buy them in bulk from the Dollar Store. You can never have enough rubber bands.
Ok, maybe you can...but whatever. We go through them like crazy. I have boys. You know, rubber band guns and such.
So that got me to thinking of what other ways I could use them creatively. GEOBOARD! Fabulous idea. This is so simple. You don't need anything fancy. Just a piece of wood and some nails, or even push pins.

Space your nails evenly across the board and start pounding. But not all the way through. I used small nails that came with a picture hanging kit.
If you have a big kid (like 6 yrs or older) you could even have them help you out with it. Push pins would definitely be safer if you are going to involve the littles in the process of making this.
The more evenly you place the nails, the better (and neater) it will look when the kids start to use it. I think next time I will use a square board so that it's easier to measure and mark for the nails. But this will do just fine. My little guy and even the bigger kids have been enjoying it all day.  
I'm super excited about getting my little guy to work with this more. I found a tutorial to go with the Geoboard to help kids learn their letters. That's something we'll be working on in the year ahead for him. It's very hands on, which is right up his alley! 
What are some favorite DIY's that you've made for your little ones? If you have a Pinterest account comment with your profile name so I can follow you! 

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