Cloth-eez Review

A few years ago I was a cloth diaper making machine. With lots of changes in our family dynamic and the birth of a new baby, therapy appointments multiple times a week, and general running of a household the opportunity to do much sewing or crafting has had to be put to the side. If I do much it's at night. And honestly I'm just too tired by the end of the day these days. That's the main reason why I chose to purchase cloth diapers this time around. I knew that I wanted to do simple and inexpensive. For us, that meant doing covers and prefolds or flat diapers.

I was lucky enough to purchase back from someone some prefolds that I had converted to fitted diapers. Those lasted us quite a while! My little one is just about 6 months now, and just over 11 lbs. She's itty bitty. But she's growing, slow and steady! She's out of her Newborn sizes finally. I knew I could stretch them a but longer, by just laying them flat in her covers, but that wouldn't last long. The first brand new cloth diapers I ever purchased--- OsoCozy. Sadly, the experience didn't leave me feeling warm and cozy. In fact, they shrank so much that I couldn't use them at all and ended up returning. (Thank you Amazon!)

My most recent experience with Green Mountain Diaper Co., however, has been great. The diapers were shipped out the same day I ordered. Talk about fantastic! They arrived only a few days later. Super fast shipping!

On the left if when they arrived, still in the package. One the right, the next day, after I had washed and dried them. There was very little shrinkage. I was stoked! This was a good sign.

 I should mention that I ordered a size bigger than the chart indicated in anticipation of shrinkage, etc. My thought was that even if they were too big I could still fold then down enough to fit, and thus they'd last longer as well. Which ended up being the case. They are a bit large on her, but it just means more absorbancy! You can see below that I just fold over the extra and put the Snappi on.
My daughter sleeps through the night and she can wear one of these without any booster insert, without any leaks. It's great.
And just "because"...
Check out the rolls! I know she's still tiny, and the rolls aren't much yet, but...Oh my, she's just so squishy and fun!


  1. I'm loving the cloth diy tutorials! Your instructions and pixies are great!
    I am wanting to make my own prefolds. (Which I may turn into fitteds after reading your tutorial :) )
    I have bamboo and hemp fabric. How do you recommend I go about doing this? I can't really find much help on the Internet until I came here :)

  2. I actually did a tutorial on how to make some prefolds. Of course that was back before I knew to tag my posts. I will browse through and see if I can find that post somewhere for you! :) (I used a tshirt!)

  3. Thanks!!! I have the fabric and was told that bamboo is softer than hemp so make the inner layers hemp and outer Layer bamboo. Super excited but never used a sewing machine before hehe



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