Another year under my belt.

Today was my birthday! I turned the big 35. It feels good on me. 
 I keep looking at that number and wondering how it happened that 35 came so soon. And then I look around me and see what's been keeping me distracted. The years go by so quickly. 

I love feeling free to be me in my 30's. You come into your own, you start to feel comfortable in your own skin despite what may be going on all around you. It's a good feeling. I'm happy here. 

We kept it simple today, which is just how I like things. We watched a couple movies, had pizza and a fruit tart for dessert. My 4 yr old sang me a special birthday song. It might have been to the tune of Jingle Bells and included something like, "Mom laid an egg! She's the best, more than all the rest. And we really love her so!" Best. Song. Ever. Nothing better than your little ones serenading you.

These are the days!
Wishing you sweet & simple days, too!

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