Just for the fun of it all.

 Just recently I planned out a cupcake party and invited some friends over to have some fun. The idea was that everyone brought the cupcake of their choice, I provided the toppings and they came and decorated them. My kids asked me, "So why are we having a party, mom?" My answer to them was, "Just because we can!"

 I mean, why not, right? You only live once, might as well have some fun while we're at it! And I didn't go crazy with stuff we didn't need. I made decorations-- spirals cut from $1 Store construction paper and hung from the ceiling on the back porch. A couple of photobooth backdrops. One I spray glued polka dot wrapping paper to. Another I attached a fishtail-like pattern of construction paper circles to.
 We stuffed our faces, (or at least the kids did!), enjoyed some company and let the kids play with water balloons.
Summer days should be spent doing just that-- having fun, just for the fun of it!

Maybe next time we'll do a BBQ or maybe a tea party. I haven't decide yet, but I do know that another get-together needs to happen! And soon!

Do you have some ideas for party theme's? I'd love to hear some so I can start planning another party!

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