A lovely, lazy weekend.

 This weekend passed in a flash. The past week or so was incredibly stressful for a number of reasons, but the biggest stress-inducer was when the ceiling collapsed under the weight of water that had been leaking from the AC collection pan in the attic. At just before 2am, there was a huge crash and the hall door next to my room flew open. Sheet rock and insulation and water and everything that was in there came crashing out. I had stored a small book shelf in there with my children's books, half of which were now soaked, all their clothes, my daughters American Girl and my little guys special doll. Needless to say, it has been a stressful and expensive adventure. A large hole in the ceiling and soaked carpet that had to be ripped up. My days are so full of adventures. I kid with some friends that I crave some boring, ho-hum sort of days. Anyway...it had just been one of those weeks and so my mom and I decided we weren't going to stay stuck in that place of misery. You can't stay stuck in that spot or you'll just go nutso. So...you clean up the mess, you make the necessary calls, you turn on a fan and you go to the Blueberry Festival or the Farmers Market. You sit with your little guy and let him play the Harmonica and tip him with Skittles. You go out and find the pretty that is still there. You laugh. You smile. You be thankful that things aren't worse. It could always be worse you know. You look into the beautiful faces of your blessings(children) who love and trust you to guide them into the future and into how to respond to life. You be thankful for even the bad stuff because then you gain experience, knowledge and learn how to be a support to others when they experience something similar.

Shake it off, shake it off. We're refreshed, and we can move forward now.

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