The business of Life!

 Life has had me running here and there and everywhere the last month or so. A couple of special life events had me anxiously working with haste, as well! Easter was especially special for us as we welcomed our baby girl into the Church. She made a loud entrance, with a face full of holy water.

And just this past weekend my daughter made her First Communion. We transformed my mom's wedding gown into a dress for my big girl, and my mother sewed the lace from her dress onto my daughters veil.

 At eight years old we don't often appreciate things that our elders do for us, like making a dress. But I made sure to take some pictures of my mom working on her veil so that later on in life my daughter can look back and maybe she'll have a greater appreciation for this gift given to her by my mom. I know I look back at pictures from my own childhood and am thankful for them.
It was a lovely day. There were even some bagpipes and Marine's in uniform involved!
It's been a month full of family focused good stuff.
 And now...back to our regularly scheduled program.

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