Stencil ANYTHING! ( A Tutorial )

The opportunity fell into my lap just recently to do face painting at parties. It's super fun, and lets me be creative for a couple of hours on the weekend. The thing that got me to considering using some stencils this last weekend was that I had close to thirty kids to paint in about two hours. That's a lot of kids. And it's a lot of wiggles!
Using a couple of stencils could come in handy for some of the smaller details, or as a good starting point to speed up the process. Deciding to make them myself was mostly a time and money saving idea. I wanted to save myself the time and money I'd spend on ordering and waiting for stencils to arrive, so I decided to make some myself. And it's easier than you'd think!

All you need is:
 a plastic milk jug
 a permanent marker
  a pen-knife

The first thing you want to do is wash and dry an empty gallon milk jug. Once that is done, using a good pair of kitchen scissors, I cut out the flat surfaces of the jug.

Next, pick out and print a couple of patterns to copy for your stencil. Or you can also make up your own! Trace them onto your plastic. 

 Using your pen-knife, cut out your tracing on a hard surface. (One that you don't mind gouging!)

Go slow, and take your time. There will be little raw edges when you are done, with little splinters of plastic. A trick I learned, after a little trial and error with using the stencil right away, is that if you take a lighter and very lightly go around the raw edges they will shrink up and smooth out! Be careful, though, because you don't want to melt your stencil into deformity. The picture below was before I melted and smoothed the edges.
 Try it out! I didn't have someone to test on, so I did myself. Not an easy task to do, squinting one eye shut while holding the stencil over your face and looking in the mirror to blot on paint. I'm sure it would have been a little comical to watch.

 So now I have all sorts of cool stencils to use on the job! And it only cost me some free time. You could use a hole punch to put holes and hang them off a ring to keep them all together as well.

Another great way to get a few different stencils without having to do the cutting process would be to use a few crafting punches. You can buy them from Michael's and other craft stores in a variety of shapes and sizes. I used a butterfly and a couple of other shaped punches that I had in my art supplies and made a few of my own that way. Super fast and easy! 

This would also work great to create a stencil for painting a room or furniture. The possibilities are limitless!


  1. Cool stencils... And I love your nails! Where did you get those?

    1. Thanks!
      My friend is a Jamberry consultant! They are awesome, I must say. They are stickers that you cut to fit your nails. Then you use heat to activate the adhesive. I love not having to paint my nails, but still getting to have them super cute. And they last a really long time. I wish I had an unlimited budget to buy all the cute patterns!



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