Slow down.

 Do you ever find yourself just so busy doing things that you forget just to enjoy life? Maybe that's a silly question. That's my everyday, almost. Hurry here. Hurry there. Do this, do that.
How about...for just a minute, we slow down. It is spring. The flowers are in bloom.
My little guy kept on me.
"Mom, can we go for a walk?"
"Mom, are you done working yet? Can we please go for a walk?"
"Mom...it's pretty outside. You said we could go for a walk."
Ok. I took that as my hint to slow down. He just needed me to be present to him.

 I admired the flowers. But I admired his crinkled nose, too. He's so expressive. He doesn't hold back.

"Take a picture of those flowers. They're pretty!"

"Watch this! I can ride with one hand!" 
I cringed, hoping he wouldn't crash. And then I cheered him on as he raced away. 

 It was good to just breath in the fresh air for a bit.

Note to self: Do more of this. 

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