Lisette's Closet

 I realize it may be a little early to be playing dress up, you know, since she can't really participate yet in the fun. She doesn't seem to mind too much. And I will try my best not to do anything too embarrassing.

Since we're spending so much time together, I might as well do something to entertain myself in her sleeping hours, though, right? My brain is bubbling with ideas of things to make while she sleeps. Those little spurts are very short though, so whatever I plan has to fit in under an hour!

She got some green for St Patty's Day...

What comes to mind usually right now is, "How can I dress up a onesie??"

 Oh the ideas! 

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  1. These pictures are absolutely adorable!! Your baby is so precious. She just brings a smile to my face. I remember dressing up my daughter when she was a newborn. Her older sister even talked me into painting her toe nails. Enjoy!!



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