All caught up in life!

 Taking it a day at a time and attempting to change my expectations. I don't want anything extravagant, that's not it at all. But I have to readjust my thinking a smidge. I have ideas and lists of things I need to do and want to do, but it all just has to wait. Baby comes first. Free time isn't what it used to be! Babies give you free moments in spurts, whereas when you have a three or four year old you can set them up with entertainment. Let's be honest, I may live in my pajama's for a day so that I can make cupcakes. (Because sometimes you just crave a cupcake!)

My baby is already a month old. This month has been beautiful. She has brought such joy and beauty to our family.

It's been challenging. Time in the hospital. Strain on the family. Changes in routine. Struggles to breastfeed a baby with special needs.

It's surprising. We've seen such growth in my youngest boy, and watched as he has loved her (almost smotheringly) without jealousy.

And it's been full of the unexpected. Invaluable new friendships that have developed. Freak car accidents that are resulting in a new and appropriately sized vehicle for our bigger family. Wonderful visits from family we haven't seen in a long-overdue time.

We're learning together. I'm learning so much.  It's always amazing to me how such a tiny little person can change your whole life. And how each one can do that all over again!

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  1. Maureen Headrick-HarrisMarch 7, 2014 at 8:48 PM

    Dearest Celeste ~
    I have never stopped here to write a comment but today I felt compelled to do so. I am moved and touched by the series of posts you have made. I have watched from afar as you anticipated Lisette's arrival. She is a beautiful bundle of love. Thank you for opening your heart, home and baring your soul. You are beautiful, gifted, talented woman and I admire you. Although we have never met.....I am your Cousin and I feel honored to know we are "family". Much love and many blessings coming your way.........Maureen~ xo



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