13 Lessons from 2013 (Part 3)

We're almost a month into the New Year and life isn't slowing down! Does it ever?
Here are the last of some of my favorite lessons from 2013.

I know some may not agree with me on this, but I've found it to ring true in my life. 

Make goals. Remember, plans come and go. 

Experience has taught me that, more often than not, plans change. (If there is anything I've learned from being a military wife, it's that!) If you make a goal, it leaves it a bit open-ended. You have room for change if you focus on the goal rather than the plan. This can be a bit difficult for my kids. Aspie kids like to have plans. Plan everything out, plot everything out, and "this is how it's going to go".  They like "predictability". The end.

But life isn't always straight forward. The hard part is learning to go with the flow when the plans have to change, even when the goal remains the same. Metaphorically speaking, you might have to take side roads to a destination, or wait things out for the right weather. That's ok. If you stay focused on your goal, the plans can fluctuate. Instead of letting that get you down, just think of it as a more adventurous road to your ultimate destination.


If you are a mom, you're probably chuckling a bit at this one. Or maybe rolling your eyes. Or saying, "Yeah right." It doesn't have to be something extraordinary. Have you seen that meme that says something like "You know you're a mom if you can unwrap a Snickers bar silently"? It's true! Hide in the closet and unwrap that Snickers! Enjoy it. Let them stick their fingers under the door and whine that so-and-so stole their Legos. They aren't going to die in the 30 seconds you take to demolish your chocolate bar. It may sound that way, but they'll survive. Self care. It's so important. It's taken me a long time to understand that, but it really is necessary to take care of our mental well-being. We all need time to breath, to recollect ourselves, to remember "Who Am I".

And lastly....

I intend to focus a lot of this one this year as well...

There is always going to be something that wants to keep you down. Think of those things as "The Nay-Sayers", and spit in their eye. Just kidding, don't spit in any eyes. But you get what I'm saying. There will always, always, always be a trouble, a difficulty, a struggle. So what? It's not the end. It's just a lesson, a pot hole, a fly on your windshield. Look around those. Turn on your windshield wipers and enjoy the scenery. Make a purposeful effort to enjoy your life. Don't miss the beautiful scenery because of a spec in the way. You will find yourself happier if you give yourself permission to see beauty and joy and happiness despite whatever comes your way.

What was the biggest lesson 2013 taught you?

To more good stuff in this New Year,

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