13 Lessons from 2013 (Part 1)

2013 was quite the year! It was full of lesson for me that have been beyond value, both in my personal life, and when it's come to DIY and the handmade market place. I thought it would be a good time to gather some of these things together...


It's ok to not know what's coming next. Both in life and in business, it's good to have plans and goals. If things don't go your way, or if things don't work out the way you anticipate that's ok, too. Perhaps there is more to this "lesson" for you to learn. In the end, you will be ok.

Sometimes the only option is to jump even when you don't know what you are jumping into! Refer back to #1, you will be OK. If something isn't working out, maybe the worst thing you can do is stay (even when you are feeling unsure of what's ahead). Possibility is waiting for you in the unknown!


You and I are both unique, with our strengths and weaknesses, our talents and our failures. The truth is, if you are busy comparing yourself to others, joy has a hard time finding it's way in to celebrate your talents and successes. The bottom line is, there will always be someone better, prettier, smarter, with a bigger presence, and more of "something" than you. But you are not that other person. You are YOU with your own unique set of circumstances, talents, strengths and possibilities. Don't let comparison steal possibility from you! Keep your eye on the goal, whatever that might be, and be ok with referring back to #1. If we have set backs of our own, that's one thing. If we're busy comparing ourselves to others that is something else entirely. Pursue YOUR dreams and don't turn them into someone else's by looking all around and comparing yourself to others.


This one is so so hard for me. Finding my voice has always been such a challenge for me, my whole life. But it's getting easier. Does my voice shake? Yes, often. But I remind myself that if it's the truth, I've nothing to fear.


   This one is about having confidence in who you are. You don't have to leave yourself open to feeling judged. Does a room full of acquaintances or strangers really know you? Do they know your struggles, what things you've overcome to arrive at where you are? Do they have some secret understanding of your inner most being just by looking at you? No. There's no doubt that we are all judged by others by our outward appearance, but it's what's beneath the surface that is going to determine whether or not you'd like that person to remain or be welcome into your inner circle. Take the time to make that determination.

Pretty self-explanatory! :) It's sort of like falling in love...Going there feels good, but if you leave your brain behind it can mean big trouble. Keep thinking & questioning! Always.

Part 2 coming tomorrow!

Here is to more good stuff in 2014!

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