A Handmade Christmas!

It's the most wonderful time of the year! 
And the craziest, too. Given how hugely pregnant I am at the moment, it makes things even that more interesting! But I've been determined to do Handmade gifts this year, and I'm sticking to it. Even if I am up until the 11th hour finishing things up. 
There are only a few short days left until Christmas, and I still have a list of items that I want to complete for the kids. Just an FYI, if I had been able to start back in the Summer-time I'd definitely be finished by now. But being as sick as I was that was nearly impossible.

Here is a little preview of some of what I've done so far, and some links to things that I'm hoping to finish up before Christmas (eek!).

Last year a dear friend of mine asked me to make her some Saints Dolls, and this year she asked me to add to her collection. Since I was making a few for her, I decided to include one of those for my youngest. So he is getting a Soft Saint of Joseph, who he's named after. (He's actually Matthew Joseph, and I'm hoping to add Matthew soon to the collection of Soft Saints that is developing!)

 For the "hard to figure out" recipients, there are always self-care items that are a good place to start. There are lots of recipes for homemade sugar scrubs and lotions, (I made these lotion bars for my mom and she loved them), chapstick, or even something like unpaper towels. This year I made some Beez Wax candles that I scented with Essential Oils. I even cheated on one and scented it with some Japanese Cherry Blossom Oil that I got from Bath and Body Works a while back.
 You can upcycle pretty tea cups, old candle holders (like the ones from Yankee Candles, cleaned and redecorated if you like), or you can use vintage tart pans the way I did!

My daughter, who will be 8 soon, loves to put things together. Craft kits, and embroidery projects. She's always giving me suggestions about things that we could do, so I thought I'd put something together for her that gives her freedom to do what she wants. I saw something like this on Etsy and thought it was a great idea for a little girl!
 I purchased some old wooden beads from a thrift store and painted them in pretty bright colors. From Michael's I found some silicone necklaces that don't require clasps! They are awesome, by the way! One end fits into the other so there are no little parts to lose or break, which is really nice when we're talking about kids. My daughter loves to wear necklaces, but I find that I'm always having to replace, or fix broken clasps. This is a great alternative!
 And we can always make or buy other pretty beads for more variety.
I'll add a pretty tag to the jar with short instructions. Perfect stocking stuffer!
 My boys are huge Marvel Super Hero fans. That might be my fault. I'm sort of a Marvel Hero nerd. I love the movies. So along with these masks that I'm whipping up, I also made a cape! What's a Super Hero with out a cape? (Ok Ironman, Hawk Eye, and Spiderman don't wear them, but still...Capes are cool!) Turn your child's first initial into a Superman-style emblem and maybe they'll feel super too!
 More pretend play dress-up masks..... Good for stocking stuffers!

Sometimes I think I may have gotten in over my head. But then...I think maybe later on, when they are older, maybe they'll appreciate that Mom made them some cool stuff when they were growing up and it makes the stress of it a little more tolerable for Mom ;)

Still on my to-do list :
Finish up this purse and matching coin purse
(Mines in black and white Chevron)
Put last touches on Eyeglass Case Sewing Kit

I better get to it!

Merry Christmas,

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