Maternity Style--Dressing the Bump!

Lets talk about dressing the baby bump, shall we!

It's growing! The thing about maternity-wear is that it's only going to last a short time in your closet. If it's at all possible to use regular clothes during your last trimester, I highly suggest it. They can be altered to fit, and you can use them post-pregnancy as well. A little creativity is all it takes to go from yoga pants to something cute.

These curves will only be around for a short while. Instead of hiding the bump, why not accentuate it? Strap on a belt!

Contrary to how it may feel at this point, I do have a waist! And it's really nice to be reminded of that fact with a cute belt wrapped around your "middle". Also, tucking a fitted shirt into the waste of a skirt pulled up over the belly gives the illusion of wearing a dress with an empire waist. Although pants can feel liberating for running around, for me having the taught waist band of pregnancy pants on my ever expanding and achy belly isn't the most comfortable. It's much more comfy to have something draped over it! 

More belted inspiration for your Maternity Closet
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