Maternity Style-- Dressing the Bump at 27 weeks

Sometimes comfy is just the way to go. I'm super fond of leggings. Like...I love them. With a dress, with a long shirt, with layers. Not just when I'm pregnant either. I love these outfits. 

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Now, I'm nowhere near as tall and thin and model gorgeous as these lovely ladies. I'm more curvy, and much shorter, so I have to take that into account. What looks good on them, might look quite different on me. I lengthen my tops a bit to just above my knees to go with my leggings. It just feels more comfy to me, on my particular body type. 
I love this too because you can put together an uber cute outfit with lots of cute layers, and still feel super comfy.

Are you a leggings kind of lady? I'm thinking if you aren't a good alternative would be skinny jeans.
What do you think? I might have to try it out. If I can find a pair that will fit right now, that is!

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