Kids & Cleaning

When I have my kids clean, they need play-by-play instructions. Are mine the only ones? 

I find that my Aspies, in particular, need very specific instructions on what to do for each task. Sometimes, however, I just don't have the time (or patience) to stand right there with them to tell them what to do. I just need them to do it so that I can tend to other things. So I came up with a plan to make a print-out for each room with specifics for each room. Now when for example, I say to vacuum under the couch cushions, the cushions will go back onto the couch and now just end up being an indoor trampoline. (Not that that won't happen anyway, but they will have instructions to put them back.)

I started with our living room! It went into a plastic sleeve to keep it clean and nice for extended use.
And I left a few blank spaces to add in any extras that might come up. 

How specific do you need to be with your kids to get them to do chores? Are they good observers and take initiative on their own, or do you need to stand right there with them to make sure things are done properly?

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