Apple Spice Scones

I'm not exactly sure if there is "Sleep-Over Etiquette", but my instincts with my kids and sleepovers is that I should get up in the morning and make something yummy for everyone to eat. It just seems like the right thing to do. You know...you have guests over, so you treat them extra special. This weekend when we had a sleepover, I did just that.

Our go-to fruit is apples, so I usually have them on hand to add to whatever concoction I may come up with. We usually stick with Fuji or Granny Smith, but Pink Lady apples are really yummy, too. I love using crispy tart apples!
  Apples are abundant in Fall as well, so that's a plus.

 I really loved making these. They were really easy. Rather than using my Kitchen Aide like I usually do, I just used a fork and a bowl. A little good, old fashioned, elbow grease. The dough comes together in a fairly wet clump, but fear not. Generously flour your cutting board and with a little flour on top of the dough as well, very easily shaped it into a pie-pan sized circle to cut. Eight hefty sized scones are letting me enjoy one for my Sunday breakfast, too!

Don't skimp on the drizzle! I ran out of confectioners sugar, so I could only make half as much as I'd like. Usually I like to dunk the whole top of my scones in the frosting. Now that I think about it, half the frosting is probably better for my waist-line, though. 
You can right click and save the recipe,
or click here to download and print it out.

In the spirit of my "Be Grateful" theme for November....Today I'm thankful for a bounty of apples, and all the wonderful varieties there are! And that my kids love apples--> that makes me happy too! 

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