Self Portrait

 I find portraits to be beautiful art forms. I'm especially fond of black and white portraits. You can capture the essence of someone without having to show every detail. (For some of us who might feel self conscious that could be a welcome sign!) Some of the most beautiful photographs are, in my opinion, the ones from eras such as the Depression when emotions were raw and life could be seen in the wrinkles and tears of cloths. They speak volumes.

I'm by no means a photographer. I just like taking pictures and do a little happy dance when I get what I see in a photograph so that I can show other people. I read tutorials every so often for my own edification, to better my pictures so that I can record my family in lovely pictures. The thing us mom's tend to forget is that someday our children will cherish pictures of us too.
Even better for the kids are pictures of them with you.

The top portrait I took just the other day. I wanted to have a picture of me pregnant. There are very few of me pregnant with my children and I wanted to capture this time for the future. In fact I've tried hard to take a picture at least every two weeks to record this time. With each pregnancy I've been so sick that I had no desire to have my picture taken, but looking back on it now I wish I had despite how I was feeling. Those pregnancies I can't get back, but now I have some pictures to share with the kids in the future. 

So back to the first portrait above....I went searching for a little DIY help and found this tutorial which is actually for an iPhone. I am an Android girl, but I used the general idea with my Nikon and it turned out pretty well! All I did was mess a little with levels and exposure in Photoshop. 

Here is a short list of tutorials/blogs that are great resources on taking portraits for us everyday-picture-takers:

Christina Greve-- Amazing photographer who shares wonderful advice.
The Self Portrait Project-- By Kristin Brown

Try going outside your box this weekend and do a selfie. You might actually find you enjoy the process! (It's growing on me!)

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