Prepping for baby.

I haven't been regular crafty/seamstress self lately. My mind tends to be a bit foggy, and so when I attempt do anything artsy or craftsy, I make silly mistakes that I never would have made before. It's been frustrating. I want to make things and prep more for baby. 
I've done a few things here and there when I've felt up to it and motivated enough to sit in front of the sewing machine, but nothing near what I'd love to be doing. Time has given me plenty of opportunity to look up some fun tutorials and gather ideas for later on when I'm feeling more motivated. 
Here are a few things I've made over the last few months of "down time". And I'm including some links to tutorials that I used to make them also in case there is one you'd like to try. 

 Fitted diapers using my diaper pattern.

 Ruffled Onesie-tshirt & matching diaper cover.
Cloth Wipes are really easy. I cut 8 inch squares and turn/top-stitch them. I used to make them by serging around the edge, but I found that turned and top-stitched, they last longer and hold up better in the wash. Fewer loose threads.

It's the tip of the iceberg as far as how much I'd like to have ready, but it's a start! 

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