Luscious Flavored Butter

If you like to be culinarily (is that a word?) correct, Compound Butter. 
I've been slathering my french toast and pancakes with this lovely luscious Lingonberry Butter. Not everyday, mind you, but enough to enjoy it. 

Flavored butter is a wonderful way to add a subtle sweet or savory hint to your dish. I'm sure you've heard of Gorgonzola butter on a steak? Or garlic butter on bread. You can also make sweet butters for your toast, crumpets, pancakes or waffles. It's a special treat and can make your ho-hum toast something special.
 Some of my favorites to add to butter are:

Pears --I had a plethora of pears!A little pear puree+ softened butter= yum

Lingonberries-- Found near the canned fruit in the grocery store. Very similar to what you'll find on IHOP's Swedish Pancakes.

Lemon or Orange Zest-- Subtle and delicious. 

Lavendar-- Also a subtle flavor. Wonderful on brioche. 

Honey + Cinnamon

Maple-- You can't go wrong with Maple!

Cranberry + Orange Zest-- Chop some dried cranberries really fine and add some Orange Zest

 And there are hundreds of others, plus savory flavors if you are in the mood to dress your meats or veggies. I know it's early in the season, however, flavored butters would sure make a delicious gift for the holidays! Just saying. There's no fancy recipe to follow to make it taste good. Softening butter and mixing in your favorite flavors is easy peasy!

Do you have a favorite butter? 

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  1. I'm moving to North Carolina!!!
    This looks delish Celeste! Thanks for the info.!



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