Half way...already?

 The time flies.
My kids are so excited to be getting a baby sister!
I surprised them with balloons in a box for the gender reveal. 
They watched a few float away.
 I'm excited to be halfway.
I finally feel like I look sufficiently pregnant, instead of just awkwardly fat. Thank you, little one, for helping me clear that up :)

I thought (for a minute) about apologizing once again for my lack of blogging and such...but I've been busy being mommy to my kids, trying to feel less sick (yes, still sick), and homeschooling the little ones. Those are the important things. I'm finding comfort in our chaos, and accepting that sometimes the most you can do is what you're doing right now with all your being.

To you fellow Mama's out there...just focus on what you have to do today, and do it the best you can with all your heart. You can't go wrong if you're doing that!

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