An update from our little Homefront.

There is no denying, there's been a lot going on around here! I've just felt so overwhelmed with trying to keep up, and survive being pregnant and sick, that I haven't made an effort to go outside our little bubble of safety (my house) to really share much. 
The reality of it is, even I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. There may be no way around feeling and experiencing that right now, but I have decided to make an effort when the slightest hint of enthusiasm hits me to do something creative to take that bull by the horns and give it all I've got. (Even if it means spending a day in bed to recover.) 

Here is a short synopsis of what's been going on, and what's to come for your entertainment!

 1. 19 weeks today. My little Pea is growing. I like to refer to this baby as the newest addition to our pea-pod. Ever so soon, my toes will disappear beneath that bulging belly, after which time I have given myself permission to get professional pedicures. It's only right.

2. For the first time in months I ventured out of town! This was an extreme case of "she's either crazy, or knows what she is doing". It was a little bit of both, I think. My husband had a graduation, and it won't be until Christmas that he gets to visit home, so I packed up the kids and took them for a visit. (The last we saw him was in May!) It's always fun to watch a Marine Corps graduation. The pride these men and women take in serving their country is to be admired. They work so hard. If you ever get the chance, take it! 
We also got wonderful news that my husband is being promoted, so that is pretty exciting too!
All that being said...I spent this past week recovering from the trip. 

 3. I'm finding that despite my pregnancy aversions, etc., I've been hungry! It's a good thing. I've lost weight and have yet to gain any. If I have a craving or a desire, I'm going for it! Lucky for you guys because I've had some really yummy things in mind to share in the near future, like this Lingonberry butter. All I can say is...YUM.

Tomorrow, good friends, I'm sharing a new tutorial. Stay tuned!

Wishing you a great week ahead!

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